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The Soul Of Prosperity

How to turn your intentions into results, even if you’ve tried before.   Perhaps you've tried many ways to improve your life, and had uneven success, frustrating you even more.   So you’ve taken seminars, read books, heard an inspirational talk, and 3 days later when your “challenge” occurs again, you say in exasperation “I THOUGHT I DEALT WITH THAT”.  Perhaps the “problem” wasn’t the problem.  Perhaps you didn’t receive the personalized guidance unique to your solution.  Perhaps you didn’t have a personalized “treasure map” for your journey to contentment.  If you did, you’d be cruising forward more effortlessly to the contentment that you crave.  The Soul Of Prosperity provides the wisdom, tools and guidance to  help you to build your personalized roadmap and create your prosperity. Click the button below for more information and to purchase The Soul Of Prosperity.

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The Keys To Enlightened Living

The Keys to Enlightened Living provides practical answers to everyday questions and easily-understandable spiritual guidance on core issues such as Prosperity, Spiritual Growth, Sexuality, Relationships.

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Pathways To Inner Peace

Pathways To Inner Peace offers a way to improve how you view yourself and others, and offers practical ways to improve your life.  By using the processes in this book, you can achieve and sustain "the peace that passes all understanding".