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Healing Key Issues

This channeled experience will provide the spiritual energy, guidance and transformative tools to help you heal the key issues that affect you (such as finances, relationships, sexuality, professional fulfillment, regret and disappointment, as well as hope).  Come get the insights from Spirit that you need to help you identify how these issues manifest in your life, and release and transform key energies that are creating something you are not enjoying.  Healing is a fascinating and dynamic process. Come learn more from Spirit about healing, and how to heal your life. Experience powerful healing energy, and ask questions about healing and about your own key issues in this healing and enlightening forum.  This class can be combined with “Healing from the Inside Out”, which will be held on Thursday nights to amplify and accelerate your healing journey.  


Suggested Donation $200 Members / $225 Friends (or $30/35 per class).  $50 discount for preregistration with prepayment.  Payment Methods:  Zelle and PayPal:, $CashApp: $RevJimWebb, Venmo:  James-WebbJr-1  This class can be taken with “Homecoming:  Healing The Inner Child for the same price (two for the price of one).

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Healing The Inner Child

There is a part of our consciousness that formed early in our lives that determines the patterns and potential problems we are likely to encounter in areas such as relationships, finances, professional fulfillment, sexuality and hope.    This part of us is the “inner” child.  This course provides the safe space for discussion, processes for healing and transforming the child within so  the child does not sabotage our adult desires.  By developing techniques to heal and champion your inner child, you can heal your thoughts, your patternings and what these energy patternings create.  These techniques will be applied directly and effectively to the specific barriers that you uncover in a safe, loving and supportive environment so that you can experience the healing you desire, that brings the good you deserve.   6 Weeks beginning on Thursday, November 4 2021.  Suggested donation:  $200 Members / $225 Friends ($50 Discount for pre-registration).  Payment methods:  Zelle and PayPal:, $CashApp:  $RevJimWebb, Venmo:  James-WebbJr-1 This class can be taken in conjunction with Healing Key Issues (two classes for the price of one).  
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