As we grow, spirit is constantly giving us more information we can use to navigate our lives.  This class provides you with a new spiritual framework that will help you make more "sense" out of your family relationships, provide you with more spiritual tools to handle them, and offer you personal unique guidance specifically for you so that you can heal them.  It can be taken along with Spirit Speaks on Past Lives (which may provide you with even more insights on family relationships).  6 Weeks beginning Monday September 12 @ 7:30 via Zoom.  Suggested Donation $225 Members / $250 Friends ($50 discount available to all for pre-registration). Walk-ins welcomed at $35 per class.  Classes will be recorded so you can register even if you can't "real-time" on Zoom.  Space limited so register early.  Payment is easy on Zellle or PayPal ( on CashApp ($RevJimWebb) or Venmo (James-WebbJr-1).

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Do you have a continued challenge with a certain issue, a situation that keeps appearing

 in your life, or something that you would like to resolve?  The blockage could be a past

 life experience that has spilled over into your current experience.  Come get insights on

 how your past lives could be affecting your current experience.  These insights can help

 you to break through to your next level of joy, fulfillment and well-being. In addition to the

 insights you receive you will receive the guidance information and healing to transform

past life issues so that you can move forward with clarity to create the life that you want.


6 Thursdays beginning Sept. 15. Suggested Donation:  $225 Members / $275 Friends ($50 discount for pre-registration with pre-payment. Walk-ins welcomed at $35 per class.  This class will be held on Zoom with recordings, so even if you can't join us "real-time", you can receive the recordings.  This class can be taken in conjunction with “Spirit Speaks on Family Relationships” (two classes for the price of one).  Payment is easy on Zellle or PayPal ( on CashApp ($RevJimWebb) or Venmo (James-WebbJr-1).


This revolutionary class series is an ongoing CUSTOMIZED program that fuses the mind-body wisdom of Dr. Bruce Lipton (Heaven on Earth, and The Biology of Belief) with the spiritual wisdom spiritual texts such as A Course In Miracles AND the updated teachings and techniques from Spirit Speaks on More Manifestation so that you can use this powerful combination to make deep and lasting improvements in your life.  Learn how to use your mind to heal your body, deepen your meditations and transform unconscious blockages to your good.  Learn how to apply new spiritual truths to ALL the layers of your consciousness to  change the circumstances of your life.  Choose areas where you want your life to work better and develop mind-body-spirit strategies unique to you and your situation.  This interactive and experiential class will teach you how to combine the science of spirituality with the esoteric wisdom to create the life you desire.  $200 Members / $225 Friends (8 weeks for the price of 6).  $50 discount for pre-registration with pre-payment.  $30 for walk-ins.  8 Thursdays, beginning Thursday July 14 @ 7:30 via Zoom with recordings.   Payment is easy on Zellle or PayPal ( on CashApp ($RevJimWebb) or Venmo (James-WebbJr-1).

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