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Ask Spirit Anything

In these evenings of  “all questions” channeled sessions, you can ask about any area of your life where you need spiritual support.  This insight and guidance is not limited to any topic during this special session, so you will have plenty of time to ask the questions on your agenda.  Come experience this unique set of sessions, and hear from the Masters what lies in store for you.  You will experience:


New Spiritual Truths and Principles to form more satisfying relationships


Powerful Transformative Group Prayers,


High Order Spiritual Healing Meditations, Group Processes for transforming yourself, and your relationships  


Individual Spiritual Counseling on Issues Unique to You


Opportunities to ask questions in a safe, confidential environment specific to your experience


This special session is a rare opportunity to get your questions answered directly.  These sessions will be “All Questions”.   Suggested Donation $200 Members / $225Friends, $50 Discount for pre-registration, or $30Members / $35 Friends per class.  In addition to you will also be able to attend the Speaking With Spirit class held on Thursday nights beginning May 5 (two classes for the price of one).  Payment is easy:  On Zelle or PayPal (  On $CashApp ($RevJimWebb).  On Venmo (James-WebbJr-1).


Speaking With Spirit

We all want the “Blessed Assurance” that comes from constant, inspiring accurate communication with Spirit.  This can be spiritually supportive and help us in practical ways in our lives.  If you’d like to form a deeper connection with Spirit and benefit from more peace and guidance, then Speaking With Spirit is the class for you.  This 6 week class will help you to discover how YOU can best speak with (and hear) Spirit, provide you with guidance and assurance you need to live your most joyful and productive life.  


Through exercises and experiences, you will learn how to better distinguish the voice of spirit vs. the voice of the ego.  You will learn all the ways that you can invoke the presence of spirit and find the spiritual guidance hidden in plain sight.  This class will include powerful healing meditations and prayers, practice sessions, sessions devoted to meeting your healing guides and angels, as well as exposure to Aura Healing, Chakra Healing, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and EFT (tapping). 


This class is facilitated by Rev. Jim Webb who has served as a talented intuitive and channel for 3 decades and brings a wealth of experiences, insights and skills that he will share.    Rev. Jim Webb serves as the Senior Minister of the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel, is an experienced healer, and is adept at channeling powerful energy for specific purposes.  Rev. Webb has extensive experience that will help you to expand and deepen your spiritual communication skills. 


The suggested donation is $200 for members and $225 for friends, or $35 per class.  There is a $50 discount from this price for pre-registration with pre-payment.  In addition, this class can be taken with Ask Spirit Anything (two classes for the price of one) which begins on Monday, May 2.  For more information, call  Payment is easy on Zellle or PayPal ( on CashApp ($RevJimWebb) or Venmo (James-WebbJr-1).