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Wisdom and knowledge continually expand as we are open to receiving more of it.  Therefore, Spirit has made new, deeper information available with more powerful results. So even if you have read books, listened to lectures and had some results, there are now ways to manifest more easily with more effectiveness and joy.   In these sessions, which are part of the Mid-Year Manifestation Check-Up, these highly evolved beings will offer their unique perspective and wisdom directly to you, and answer your specific questions on YOUR individual manifestation process, providing guidance that helps you remove any blockages to your manifestations.  6 weeks beginning Monday March 20 @ 7:30 via Zoom.  Suggested Donation $250 Members / $275 Friends ($75 discount available for pre-registration before March 15). Walk-ins welcomed at $35 per class.  Price includes Merging Manifestation Methods on Thursdays (two classes for the price of one).  Space limited. Payment: (Zelle or Paypal)  $RevJimWebb (CashApp) James-WebbJr-1 (Venmo)

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Manifestation is an ongoing process of self-discovery, spiritual upliftment and breakthroughs.  If you’d like to advance your manifestation process, then this is the class for you.  You will learn to use the tools of manifestation (vision boards, affirmations, prayer, healing, etc.) in a dynamic way unique to your circumstances.  You will receive powerful support and coaching and master harnessing the energy of the divine to create the desires of your heart.  This new and innovative 6 week class on ZOOM begins on Thursday March 23 and can be taken in conjunction with Monday’s Spirit Speaks More on Mastering  Manifestation – two classes for the price of one.  You will also receive a recording of the Zoom call so that you can refer to it frequently.   The suggested donation is $250 for Members and $275 for Friends.  Space is limited so that each person can get personalized support, so there is a $75 discount for pre-registration and pre-payment before March 15.  Payment is easy:  Payment Info: on Zelle and PayPal $RevJimWebb on $CashApp

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This revolutionary class series is an ongoing CUSTOMIZED program that fuses the mind-body wisdom of Dr. Bruce Lipton (Heaven on Earth, and The Biology of Belief) with the spiritual wisdom spiritual texts such as A Course In Miracles AND the updated teachings and techniques from Spirit Speaks on More Manifestation so that you can use this powerful combination to make deep and lasting improvements in your life.  Learn how to use your mind to heal your body, deepen your meditations and transform unconscious blockages to your good.  Learn how to apply new spiritual truths to ALL the layers of your consciousness to  change the circumstances of your life.  Choose areas where you want your life to work better and develop mind-body-spirit strategies unique to you and your situation.  This interactive and experiential class will teach you how to combine the science of spirituality with the esoteric wisdom to create the life you desire.  $200 Members / $225 Friends (8 weeks for the price of 6).  $50 discount for pre-registration with pre-payment.  $30 for walk-ins.  8 Thursdays, beginning Thursday July 14 @ 7:30 via Zoom with recordings.   Payment is easy on Zellle or PayPal ( on CashApp ($RevJimWebb) or Venmo (James-WebbJr-1).

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