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Inspiring Sermons

Here are some video sermons designed to inspire, encourage and empower you.  I hope they help.

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Being Heaven's Hands

Did you know that you are very important to God.  Your light, your path, and even your stumbles are tools God uses to lead all God's children to the light.  Being Heaven's Hands inspires you to play your part in God's glorious plan easily, joyfully and effortlessly.

Living Your Dream

God has a dream for you.  You have dreams for yourself.  When these two are aligned there is nothing you can't do.  Here's how to align your dream with God's dream for you.

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Releasing Your Backstory

You “backstory” is all the “mis-education” you have received that causes you to limit the amount of love, joy and fulfillment you can take in.  Your backstory is the vessel through which your life is created.  Whatever is in your backstory  is outpictured in your world. If you want to create something new that is more expansive, you have to transcend that backstory.  This sermon can help.

Extreme Storm

Finding Peace
Through The Storm

Each of us has had a "storm" in our lives, and yearned to feel peace in the midst of upheaval.  There are spiritual tools, techniques and approaches that can help you find this peace, no matter whaat kind of storm you're going through.

Happy Girl

The X-Factor of Happiness

We all yearn to be happy and fulfilled.  There is a spiritual X-factor that can help us to attain and maintain the happiness we deserve and desire.

Happy Girl
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Spiritual Keys to Freedom

We often feel constrained by our circumstances to a life of struggle, lack and challenges.  We can free ourselves from the consciousness that creates such difficulties, and this sermon can help:

The 5 Ps of Prosperity

There are 5 Principles, all of which begin with a "P" that can help you to significantly enhance the prosperity you experience in every aspect of your life.  This inspiring sermon outlines them: 

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