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Jerome Braggs Guest Letter

I am so thrilled to have you as a guest on The Miracle of Prosperity, which runs on the New Thought Media Network on Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM Eastern (with a technical check-in at 7:30pm Eastern). 


The Miracle of Prosperity is a weekly 1 hour video production that airs on the New Thought Media Network (the network that hosts Science of Mind (CSL) programming to their member Churches, as well as Unity and Independent New Thought organizations.  We air LIVE each Sunday at 8 pm Eastern  for 1 hour.  As a guest, you will receive the updated link for log in on Sunday afternoon (it updates every week) and your check-in is at 7:30 pm Eastern, which gives us ample time to make any necessary technical adjustments before the start time of 8 pm Eastern.  


The objective of The Miracle of Prosperity is to provide a new tool each week that will help viewers remove a barrier to their prosperity (a wide array of affirmations, meditations, spiritual practices that can support specific aspects of prosperity) or a new too they can use to create their prosperity.  The tone of the discussion is casual, so that viewers feel as if they are simply eavesdropping on a conversation between cousins at a family reunion, instead of receiving spiritual instruction.  The warm, familial tone is replete with humor and stories to illustrate truth.  I also relate the teachings of A Course In Miracles to our discussions to introduce viewers to the Course as well as prosperity consciousness.  


The show has 3 segments:   


The introduction, where I set up the subject for the evening and then introduce you as the guest lasts about 25 minutes and includes our initial discussion of the subject matter (your background (e.g. your nde, your modes of expression (e.g. recent poetry) and your values (self-love, authenticity, expression).  I would like to explore with you how self-love is a key aspect of prosperity, how authenticity, such as flowing expression can be a way to experience prosperity, etc.  After the "tease" of the next segment (e.g. how others can use these techniques to develop their prosperity consciousness), we then break for commercials. 


After the first commercial break we drill down on the key points that we want to share with viewers (specific tools for healing, how they work and how they can help us) and take questions from the audience.  Viewers will type their questions in the chat room.    Viewers may ask us how they can see things differently.


In the second segment we answer viewer questions, you can share simple easy and actionable tips to grow spiritually and "tease them" with JUST ONE MORE THING as we break for the 2nd set of commercials.   


We then conclude the with "JUST ONE MORE THING", which may include your personal “good news” and I ask you what are you up to.  You then review your current activities (e.g. how you are excited your projects, etc., and you ask me the same question, and we then conclude the show with a final prayer. 


I so look forward to working with you on this show.   


Thank you again for joining me this coming Sunday at 8 pm Eastern (with check-in at 7:30).  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 202-253-6009.  


With Love and Blessings, 



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