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Rev. Jim Webb

Supportive Friend


I am an accomplished spiritual teacher, author, intuitive, channel and coach.  I currently serve as the Senior Minister of the Takoma Park Chapel, and I have served on the faculty of Iyanla VanZant’s Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development and taught at the New Seminary.  I speak and teach workshops nationally in conjunction with my books "The Soul of Prosperity", “Pathways to Inner Peace” and “The Keys to Enlightened Living” and my newest release, The Soul of Prosperity.  My teaching and counseling methods, wisdom, coaching and insights can help you to overcome blockages and achieve the happiness that you desire.  Get in touch to get started!

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Spiritual Services

Let’s Work Together


Intuitive Counseling / Coaching

For a Better Tomorrow

Whether you need one-time guidance on key aspects of your life, or longer term support to overcome a specific challenge, my unique perspective can help you identify the issues, and develop a plan to overcome them. Let’s get to know each other and together we’ll build out your personalized wellness plan.

Group Growth

Classes and Workshops

Classes such as Spiritual Growth and Development, Manifesting Prosperity, Creating Fulfilling Relationships and my Spirit Speaks Series, you can improve your life while bonding with "like-minded" individuals.  Learn new approaches to common problems, and develop new coping strategies, receive encouragement and enlightenment through discussions  by using new approaches.  Let’s work together in classes that help you live a better life.

Speaking Engagements

Supporting Spiritual Communities

With my many years of experience, I’m often invited to be be a guest speaker or conduct seminars at other Churches  or in other Spiritual Communities.  I enjoy this and am available to schedule guest appearances locally or nationally.  Congregations especially benefit from workshops based on my books, Pathways to Inner Peace, The Keys to Enlightened Living or The Soul of Prosperity.

Jim Webb provides a holistic approach to manifesting the life of your dreams.  He is spiritually led, floating between the spiritual realm and the very human space we all occupy here on earth.  He provides a tool kit that includes everything you need to tap into your own spirit:  meditation, vision boards, affirmative prayer, and channeled messages from his spiritual guides.  He is thoughtful, humorous, sincere, and joyful.  He draws from his keen intellect, his life experiences, and business acumen to provide sound and inspirational guidance.  With the twitch of an eyebrow, he pivots between conversations with Spirit and his own very human memories of even the right song to capture the moment.  Ask him about “Motown Metaphysics”.  A master teacher of A Course in Miracles, he grounds much of his teachings in this landmark guide to personal and spiritual transformation. “ Regina B Chesapeake VA

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