Forgiveness is the greatest gift of Love. Forgiveness is the greatest gift that you can give to another, and forgiveness is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. When you forgiven another, you set them free to be who they were meant to be. You set them free by releasing them from YOUR expectations, which have not been met - causing you to hold a grudge. These expectations have been set up many times to as “unwritten contracts” where the person may not even know that you have been holding this expectation. This expectation may be based on an unmet need that you (or the child within you) has held. Perhaps you have been looking to this person to meet the need instead of looking within to heal the need by using the processes and techniques outlined in “Pathways to Inner Peace”.


When you forgive others, you also free yourself to have a clear head, a clear heart and clear vision because you release the anger, negativity and disappointment that may have been a part of the relationship. By healing this anger, negativity and disappointment, you can live with more peace, satisfaction and fulfillment.


An important aspect of forgiveness is forgiving yourself. The expectations and “unwritten contracts” that we have of others are dwarfed in comparison to the expectations and contracts that we hold ourselves to. Subconsciously, we hold ourselves accountable to a much higher standard than we would ever dare to hold another to. We can see this when we listen to our own internal negative self-chatter. If you listen, you hear that you say things to yourself that you would never dare to say to another. When we don’t meet our internal “unwritten contracts”, we punish ourselves incredibly. Because our inner thoughts create our outer world, we withhold our joy and bliss from ourselves, which causes pain and suffering. For these reasons, it is important to forgive ourselves.


You can begin the process of forgiveness by understanding that you - and everyone in your life - has always done the best they could with what they knew at the time. We cannot judge yesterday’s actions based on today’s information. Therefore, we can forgive yesterday’s actions based on today’s new information on forgiveness.


You can continue to process of forgiveness by releasing yourself from judgement of any situation. You must know that any situation - no matter how troubling it must seem to your human eyes - is an opportunity for each of the participants to learn, grow and heal a part of their awareness closer to the truth of GOD’s unconditional love. For example, if you have chosen a situation where you appear to be unloved, this is an outer reflection of an inner part of you that does not feel lovable. As you choose to have an “inner shift” to love and accept every aspect of your life, you choose to heal this part of you. As a result, your outer world will change, and the circumstance that has been created to make you aware of your thoughts and beliefs that were unloving towards yourself will change as a result. This is the spiritual law of inner cause and outer effect. This universal law is just like the laws of magnetism, or gravity. When you see each situation in your life as a chance to heal, you can release your judgement of each situation. You can then see that each situation has had a divine purpose, which is to expand your awareness, and accept that this is a perfect tool for moving you closer to the truth of GOD’s Unconditional Love.


When you fully understand and internalize this truth, you know that you are always forgiven, yet there is nothing to forgive. You can use the phrase “I am always forgiven, yet there is nothing to forgive” to open yourself up to the forgiveness peace and love that is your birthright. You may also use “A Prayer for Forgiveness”, which is one of the many helpful prayers in my book Pathways to Inner Peace.



A Prayer of Forgiveness


Mother-Father GOD: My true desire is union with the light and energy that emanates from your heart. This energy is an energy of peace. In order to open to this peace, I release anything that will not give me peace. Therefore, I am ready to forgive my past traumas, torments, and troubles. I forgive those who were involved in my dramas from the past and I thank them for their gifts. The gifts that others have given me have been divine, because that have led me to this space, where I seek union with your heart. Therefore, I bless them, forgive them and release them as I release myself from my past, and the need to re-create additional dramas based on erroneous thoughts that I now release. I forgive myself, yet in truth, there is nothing to forgive. I now accept peace. And so it is. AMEN.


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