I hope this brief page will give you useful information about what to expect in a Spiritual Counseling Session with me.  First of all, what is Spiritual Counseling?  My spiritual counseling is a unique blend of the counseling training that I have received as an Ordained Interfaith Minister who has provided pastoral counseling  and comfort to hundreds of people over the years, and the intuitive insights that I have as a result of performing accurate psychic readings for thousands of people nationwide.  There are a number of things we can accomplish together in a counseling session.  Here are a few of the types of sessions that I offer, depending on your needs.  You can also have many aspects of each of these sessions in a general counseling session.


Psychic Readings


Have you ever known someone who wears too much cologne?  When they leave the room, their scent lingers.   Your energy field is just like your scent and someone who has a finely tuned "antenna" can pick up information on your past, your present and your probable future.  Typical information includes information on your relationships, career, love life, financial affairs, and a forecast of your probable future.


Guides and Teacher's Consultations


As a trained medium, I can also contact your Guardian Angels, Spiritual Guides and Teachers or other loved ones in Spirit to bring you messages of comfort, assurance, guidance and hope.


Prosperity Readings


The prosperity portion of a counseling session identifies the beliefs that you hold deep within your subconscious mind that may block you from creating and receiving your prosperity.  I then work with your energy to help remove these blockages through techniques such as reiki, spiritual healing, and deep emotional release.  This treatment should then enable you to manifest more prosperity.


Private Channeled Sessions


I also provide private channeled sessions that enable you to work individually with The MASTERS of Planetary Healing and Transformation.  These sessions give you the chance to ask your own personal questions and to receive the deep healing energy that this collective of beings send.  These sessions are very powerful because the deep, penetrating energy that is available is focused directly on you and your issues.


My readings are quite accurate, and your privacy is assured.  To schedule a reading, just contact me at, and we can arrange a time to meet (either by phone or in person).